Applications for the Rona Tranby Award Are Open


If you are a member of the Indigenous community or have a project which involves preservation of Indigenous Australian oral history, we would love to hear from you. The following outlines the requirements that any project must meet at a minimum and each project is based on its individual merits. Projects may include- book creation and publishing; academic paper; recordings of stories or music and art in all forms.

Priorities for selecting recipients for the Rona Tranby Award:

  • Projects recording the stories of Elders
  • Projects recording the stories of Indigenous Australians who are well known in their communities and who have contributed substantially to their communities
  • Projects with a strong likelihood of coming to fruition, assessed on
    • skill base and proven record of those involved
    • clear and achievable timelines and budget
    • work already carried out on the project

All applications must include:

  1. An overview of the project;
  2. Background information about the person or people whose oral histories will be recorded;
  3. Background information about the person or people making the recordings & running the project;
  4. An itemised budget for the project, including a breakdown of how the Award would be used;
  5. A timeline for the project (regular status reports will be required until completion); and,
  6. Details of any technical or skills assistance required. The Rona Tranby Trust has oral history resources available to assist.
  7. Statement of Ethical Consideration in relation to how the project will be conducted.

We are happy to discuss your application over the telephone, in person or in writing and can also assist with formalising your proposal for consideration either through our network or Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training.